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Bama Dirt Aggregate Materials Calculator for Circles

Dirt Calculator For: Round Or Oblong Shaped Lawns, Gardens and Cover Areas

Sand Under A Round Swimming Pool:
Most of the time the sand is used for leveling the ground under the pool and creating a softer cushion for the pool liner. If you have an area that you are planning on putting material on. The first thing you need to know is the diameter which is all the way across. Lets say your putting sand under a 20 foot swimming pool to level up lets use 22 feet.Then how deep do you want the sand spread. Lets go with 6 inches. So here is the math...

The swimming pool is a total of 20 feet across but we want 1 foot extra all the way around the pool so 22 feet across x 6 inches deep = 190.06 cubic feet which is also 7.03 cubic yards. Most of the time the dirt is uneven under the pool or on a slop like 12 inches on one end and 2 inches on the other end. Making it hard to calculate the exact amount of sand needed.

Remember to always round up your math and add 10% extra for waste on the job.

Calculation Definitions

  • Cubic Inch: A cubic inch is 1 inch wide by 1 inch long by 1 inch deep there are 1728 cubic inches in 1 cubic foot.
  • Cubic Feet: A cubic foot is 12 inches wide by 12 inches long by 12 inches deep there are 27 cubic feet in 1 cubic yard.
  • Cubic Yard: A cubic yard is 3 feet wide by 3 feet long by 3 feet deep.
  • Tons: A ton is a weight measurement and is 2000 pounds in the United States also called a short ton. This one can be confusing when ordering because some products are very heavy and others very light and there are some products sold by the ton and some by the yard For example topsoil is sold by the yard and it weighs about 2400 Lbs. per cubic yard. Where limestone rocks can weigh up to 3000 Lbs. per yard but is sold by the ton.
Step 1
Enter the diameter and depth of the area you are trying to cover in the boxes below.
Average Diameter
Step 2
Select whether the product is sold by the ton or yard.
Soil Cost

Step 3
Click this "Calculate" button

Step 4
Once you have clicked calculate it automatically tells you in the boxes below how much product you need for your project. The numbers in the gray boxes are calculations based of the boxes above.

Soil Required Cubic Inches
Soil Required Cubic Feet
Soil Required Cubic Yards
Soil Required Tons

Step 5
This is the total approximate investment based on the above calculations
Soil Investment $ Approximate Cost
Remember to always round up your math and add 10% extra for waste.

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