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Bama Dirt Aggregate Material Products & Services FAQs

What is your service area?

Based in the heart of the Shoals, we serve areas of North Alabama including the Florence, Athens, Huntsville, Decatur, Cullman, Moulton, Hartselle, Sheffield and more. If you have a question about whether we'll come to you, give us a call at (256) 740-7406 to learn more.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we have delivery available. We can usually deliver the same day. Spreading services are also available.

How far in advance do I need to call for a delivery?

We offer same day delivery. During the busy season, it is generally a good idea to call ahead to ensure that you get your products when you need them.

Will you come to my house and tell me how much material I need?

Yes, we are happy to assist you in determining the approximate quantity you may need. You may also be interested in our calculator for rectangles and/or circle patterns.

Can you deliver into my backyard?

In most cases, yes. Our drivers do their best to place the material where requested, however, we do ask for an alternative dump location if the driver determines material can’t be placed as asked. Lines, trees, fencing, wet soils all can prohibit the driver's ability to negotiate.

General price checks and questions...

We offer a wide variety of materials to fit any landscaping plans or budget. Please feel free to browse and checkout our displays to find the right one for you. Call or contact us to ask any questions regarding our products or services.

Can I place an order over the phone for delivery?

If you know what you need or have already ordered a load of material and are sure what you want, please call. We prefer you to come in first to order products you're not familiar with before we deliver. We will not accept returns on natural products like rocks and gravel so it's important to see what you're buying beforehand.

What is the best product or materials for a driveway?

We have many products that work well such as small limestone, gravel, and much more. Please call or contact us to so we may be evalutate or determine your project needs.

What about fill dirt vs topsoil?

Both fill dirt and topsoil can be great materials to use on your property, but each have their individual purposes. Topsoil is a healthy, nutrient-rich material that sits at the top of the earth’s layer and is full of organic matter. Because of this, topsoil is a much better option for growing plants than fill dirt because plants can root, grow, and thrive in the more spacious material of topsoil.

What is fill dirt for?

Fill dirt is earthy material used to fill in holes or depression in the ground or create dirt mounds that would change the elevation or grade of an existing land area. If you spend some time digging underneath the top layer of the earth, you’ll certainly find plenty of fill dirt. Because fill dirt doesn’t contain any organic matter, only broken down clay, sand, and rocks, it’s much more stable than other materials. Fill dirt won’t shift or move and is used as a perfect filler for depressions in your property.

Can I use fill dirt to grow grass in low points of my property?

Yes. If you’d rather grow grass or a plant in these property dips or low points you can use fill dirt. The dirt can be tightly packed into the low points and you can plan new grass or sod on top of that area to flatten out your property.

How much space will one ton of gravel cover?

A ton of gravel will cover approximately 100 square feet, 2 inches deep.

I want to make a French drain, which gravel do I use?

Medium gravel provides enough weight for your piping, while allowing the water to flow without taking the gravel with it. Pea gravel and oversize gravel are also available if you would prefer smaller or larger gravel.

What is the best material for grading around a foundation?

Soil that compacts is a good material to use. There are a number of variables that would help determine the answer to this question based on your circumstances. Any of our sales staff is capable of helping you with this decision.

Can I lay sod in winter?

Yes. It is dormant and there is no issue with laying sod in the winter.

How much water does my new sod need?

The key is to not over water your new sod. Watering requirements depend on the weather and time of year you lay sod. For example, in the Spring, you may need to water an hour every other day. In the heat of the summer, you may need to water for an hour each day. It all depends on the humidity and heat of the year.

Which soil can I use to prepare my yard prior to laying sod?

Screened soil is the best option to level out your yard before you lay sod.

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