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Bama Dirt provides different types of dirt, sand, soil & sod to customers for of North Alabama for different applications. We strive to provide the correct aggregate material to the homeowner or professional contractor so that the delivered material makes the residential project as easy as possible. We supply projects of all types and sizes, from municipal projects to smaller scale residential projects.

bamadirt fill dirt north alabama

Dirt / Fill Dirt

It’s important to know how to choose and use it in order to enjoy all the benefits when considering fill dirt. Our fill dirt is perfect to fill in large areas where higher quality topsoil may not be needed. Fill dirt is not topsoil and you should not expect to grow anything in fill dirt. As fill dirt experts, we’ll help you determine how much a truckload of fill dirt will cost, and provide you with useful tips for minimizing your expenses and sticking to a reasonable budget.

bamadirt material chert dirt north alabama


Chert aggregate is a natural rock and dirt mix that comes out of the earth as a raw material. It can be used for building pads for mobile homes or shops. It is also great for building the initial base of a driveway or roadway.

bamadirt material topsoil north alabama

Top Soil

Topsoil helps plants to thrive far better than average soil. Getting its name from the fact that it is found at the surface of soil, topsoil is full of nutrients that encourage plant growth. Whether you are installing a complete lawn or just filling in low spots, it makes sense to use the best topsoil available. If you have questions about the right type of topsoil for your lawn, garden, landscape or construction project, contact the professionals at Bama Dirt.

bamadirt aggregate sand north alabama


A screened and unwashed sand commonly known as fill sand or cable sand. Fill sand is a combination of the many sands and aggregates we carry at Bama Dirt. Fill sand is ideal for trench or hole filling, as well as a bedding layer, or back filling for base material in concrete because it compacts well. This product is not sold in any specific colour and colour will vary depending on the delivery location.

bamadirt mulch bark materials


Mulch is used for the conservation of soil moisture, improving fertility and health of the soil, reducing weed growth and enhancing the visual appeal of the area. We deliver to customers throughout North Alabama an southern Middle Tennessee. We also have pine bark mulch, red mulch, and pine mini nuggets readily available at many of our bulk yards.

bamadirt material sod installation north alabama


Sod is both grass and the soil directly beneath the grass held together by the roots. Our Sod can be cut and delivered almost anytime throughout the year! Both cool-season and warm-season turf are available. We offer Bermuda and Zoysia sod to North Alabama landscapers, home builders and home owners to form lawns, sports fields and parks. It’s placed on bare soil which the roots grow into over a period of time.
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