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Here at Bama Dirt of North Alabama, we offer spreading of all our aggregative / landscaping materials and products.

Tractor With A Box Blade

This method usually is the cheapest and works good for a rough grade and knocking down big piles of dirt so that it can be finished spreading by hand. It works well for spreading rocks or driveways and smoothing out yards.

Landscaper with a Bobcat

If you have a big job or want a professional job done then hiring a landscaper with a bobcat and harly rake is the best way to go. We have a dedicated landscaper that will spread up to 2 loads in one area of your yard less than 1600 square feet which is an area less than 40 feet x 40 feet.

Spreading Rocks With The Truck

We have chains on the tailgate so if you are putting rocks on the drive way we can usually do a pretty good job of spreading the rock just with the truck by setting the chains to hold the tailgate partially shut raise the dump bed and drive at the same time. If you are spreading the rocks by hand this makes it a lot easier.

How Big Are Bama Dirt Trucks?
Our trucks are single axle and are 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall, they are about the same width as a F350 dually pickup truck. Unlike the big trucks that will crack your concrete or asphalt driveway you don’t have to worry about us driving on them because our trucks are only single axle and are much lighter. We have the largest “Single Axle Dump Trucks” available, that means we can get in the tightest spots to deliver material and get right back out again where big trucks would never dream of going.

How much can we haul on the truck?
5 yards is the most volume we can haul on the truck most needs are for 5 yards and it seems to be just the right amount.

When you need dirt delivered to your work site, we deliver on time when you need it. We understand that getting dirt delivered on time means you can schedule your work and know that the dirt will be there when you need it. When we say we deliver at a certain time we deliver on time.
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